What Country do Most Random Chat Users Come From?

The wonderful thing about most random cam sites is that they are available for the entire world to use. This allows us to hop onto a cam site and meet people from half way across the globe. Have you ever wondered where most of the cam site users come from? Maybe you’ve spent hours counting how many people come from each country. Well if you haven’t you’re in luck because have. We’ve also compared our data with the data at Alexa.

After spending hours on Chatrandom to see where most cam site users come from, we can finally say that we have precise data that shows the most popular countries for cam sites.

The United States


Chatrandom.com was born in the United States so it comes as no surprise that the majority of its users are from there. That’s right, when you use Chatrandom you have more chances of spotted someone from the United States than anywhere else on the planet. Our data combined with the data that we compiled from Alexa shows us that roughly 12% of all Chatrandom users are from the United States.



Did you really expect Germany to be the second most popular country for Chatrandom? Well it is. Chatrandom is huge in Germany and many people enjoy using this site because of how easy it is to browse through thousands of different users even if they don’t understand the language. When browsing through cams at Chatrandom you have roughly a one in ten chance of meeting someone from Germany. Almost 10% of all Chatrandom users are German.


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The capital of wine is also a huge fan of Chatrandom. Italians can be spotted online at all times because nearly 9% of all users are from Italy. Needless to say, most of the Italians online at Chatrandom are males, but it still counts. We don’t know why so many Italians enjoy using this site, but they do.

Why do so many people from other countries enjoy using Chatrandom?

Chatrandom.com is one of the most diverse cam sites on the internet. This cam site allows you to display all of the content in more than 10 different languages. To make it even better, this site is planning on expanding towards other languages as well.

Chatrandom also targets tons of different countries by allowing you to select which country you want. When you choose a specific country, you can choose to only view people from that location. This makes it the ideal site for people that want to meet only others from their own country. This site gives you 40 different countries to choose from which is truly outstanding!

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