Why are Random Chats Better Online than in Real Life?

Do you know the real reason the Internet is so popular? Most people will tell you it is because you have access to loads of information. They will talk about how it is like having your own personal interactive library right there in one little laptop. In short, they are going to tell you what they think makes them look like highly intelligent beings, but if you saw what they did online you would have a whole new concept of how people use the Internet. It isn’t to try to actively develop intelligence. The Internet is popular because it is the only way that you can meet people in real time without having to worry about those first impressions that people get based on the physical location where they met you as well as whatever you are wearing.

On the Internet you can have some random chat and be anyone you want to be. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about some stalker following you home from a bar or club. This makes it the perfect place or introverts who have a hard time even approaching people face to face as well as extroverts who just enjoy socializing but may not want to leave the house.

What’s the difference between a random chat in a chat room and a random chat in a bar? Actually, there are a couple of differences. For one thing you don’t have to worry about someone hitting on you with the same old lines while they breathe on you with stale beer breath and hopefully manage not to dump their draft all over your brand new blouse. You also don’t have to worry about driving home after you drink because you can safely pass out in your own bed while chatting with your friends if you have a laptop. Hint: You should probably have some kind of sleep setting on your computer because you don’t have to worry about people drawing on you face while you sleep, but you probably don’t want to pass out in the middle of a video chat either.

Of course there are other benefits to chatting online. Remember the last time you were in the middle of talking to someone who was boring you to tears, but you were just too polite to tell them to zip it for a minute? When you’re chatting online all you have to do it close the window. That’s it. Just one little click and you can even save face by claiming technical difficulties. That’s even better than having to fake static noises on a cell phone!

Maybe you aren’t rude enough to close a window or ask someone to be quiet. That’s okay because the Internet has a place for you too. You might even be one of those super nice people who have been on dating sites and were completely shocked and shaken when you met the person in real life and found out that he or she was ten years older and thirty pounds heavier and were totally willing to blame the difference on the cheap camera they used.

Places like Chatrandom.com have that problem covered too because as much freedom as you have to be whoever you want online, it is still nice to be able to see what a person actually looks like when you are talking to them. Video chat is one of the few places you can do that. It is pretty hard to hide behind an old or fake picture when you are on video in real time as you speak to the other person. That means fewer hidden surprises and more safe fun at home, online.

Having a social life online is more fun and it is a lot safer than it is in real life. You don’t have to wait until “happy hour” to meet up with friends because places like Chatrandom.com are open 24/7. You don’t have to worry about breaking the rules, because those places are for adults who are only limited by their imaginations. You don’t need a babysitter to chat with your friends. In fact, you don’t even need gas money or knowledge about how to obtain a restraining order because chatting online offers a level of freedom that you simply can’t find anywhere else.


This article was written by the wonderful Kathy Fouste.  We love your articles and you make some amazing points!

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