Why Random Video Chat is Not Available for Mobile Yet?

Video chat online is one of the most used environments on the web. Along with social networking, random cam sites are the most popular websites online. Now that smartphones are very affordable and everyone seems to have one, many people have been asking why there isn’t a Chatroulette mobile phone app on the market yet. Chatrandom mobile apps are currently undergoing construction and should be available later this year and at the very latest in the beginning of 2014. However, there are reasons why it has taken so long to create a Chatrandom mobile app.

Among all of the random cam sites on the internet, the only website to have developed a mobile phone application is Omegle. To be honest, their app doesn’t do so good because it is only for text chats and there is no possibility of having actually video sources. This makes the Omegle app quite boring and most users prefer going directly through their computers in order to get the best experience available. The reason why Chatroulette mobile phone app doesn’t exist yet is because of a few complications and restrictions that make it quite difficult to get accepted in app stores.

Most app stores for mobile phones, especially with Apple, have adult content restrictions. When creating a mobile phone application, there must be absolutely no adult content in order to be accepted into the app stores. This makes it very difficult for us to bypass these restrictions. On top of that, Flash is not supported by Apple which is the essential tool required to have access to random cam sites. Nonetheless, we are working long hours every day in order to get past these difficult restrictions so that you can benefit from a Chatrandom iPhone application.

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At the moment we are working on a Chatroulette iPhone application that will be able to bypass the adult content restrictions as well as being able to function without the need for Flash. However, this may take much longer than the other versions that we will be releasing later this year. For Androids and other smartphones we are planning on launching our mobile compatible version of Chatrandom so that you can bring the fun with you on the go.

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We know how important smartphones are in modern day and we want to provide our users with the absolute best simplicity. Since many of our users can’t spend a single minute without being in front of their webcam with strangers, we want to provide you all with an app that will allow you to random chat with strangers everywhere you go. Whether you want to use Chatrandom in waiting rooms, in cars or even during your breaks at work, our app will let you do this.

Once we achieve our goals of creating a Chatrandom iPhone app, we will become the first website in the random cam industry to create a mobile app with video functions. We are currently working with a 3rd party browser to attempt and create such a solution for your needs.

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Our goals are precise and we want to provide you with this application as fast as possible so that you can appreciate our website on the go. We will definitely keep you posted on updates and facts that are related to this mobile app. Before actually launching the mobile app we will share screenshots and features with you so that you can know exactly what to expect.

Our plans for becoming the best random cam site on the internet will only grow immensely after our mobile phone app’s launch so you can trust that we are putting lots of effort into bringing this to all you.

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