Will OkHello Work Better than Airtime Did?

Remember back when Shawn Fanning launched the infamous music downloading program called Napster? You most definitely remember back when Sean Parker launched the very popular Facebook. Well these two iconic website developers have joined forces in the past to come up with the terrible Airtime. Airtime was a video chat tool that failed miserably almost instantly. After just a few short weeks, the creators of Airtime lost hope in their site that had received hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising.

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Sean and Shawn are back. They believe that their newest idea will revolutionize the mobile phone world. OkHello is their app and they really wanted to take a different approach with this idea. Rather than spending millions of dollars in advertising, they spent next to nothing. They realized with their previous project that the amount of money you spend towards advertising changes nothing if your idea is boring.

What Makes OkHello Different?

OkHello is nothing like Airtime. Wait, scratch that; it’s exactly like it. The only difference is that it’s made for mobile phones rather than computers. That’s actually a huge difference because there are already tons of video chat sites for computers, but very few video chat apps for mobile phones. OkHello is one of the first of its kind which makes it quite revolutionary and with big names like Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker behind it, it’s bound to be an icon.


So far OkHello has been doing good. It’s not huge, but it’s only been available in the Apple App Store for roughly a month. The app has just recently been launched in the Android Market and is expected to launched in other app stores soon. Although we know for a fact that Shawn and Sean are behind this app, they refuse to admit it. They have decided to go blind with this operation and receive no type of media attention whatsoever. This could either end up hurting them badly or making the app explode later in the future.

OkHello v.s. Airtime

When it comes to deciding whether or not this app will succeed more than Airtime did, it’s quite easy to figure it out. Of course OkHello will do a lot better than Airtime; Airtime failed miserably and even a train wreck would be considered “doing better than Airtime”. That being said, it’s quite obvious that this app will do good. It’s unique and has all of the necessary features bundled into a simple to use GUI. Users have been giving it positive reviews thus far and it’s only getting more and more attention. If you’ve been searching for a good video chat app, check it out; it’s worth the download.

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