Words You Should Avoid Using in Cam Sites

Cam sites are the perfect platform to meet new people and make new friends. When chatting to a stranger on a cam site, it can pay to tread carefully and not to use words that might offend the other person on cam. If they become offended they may move on or ban you from their chat room. Keeping the conversation polite and general until you get to know a person better can help extend your chat time and make it easier to befriend the people you meet. Here is a list of words that should be avoided when chatting to strangers on cam sites:


Swear Words

It can be amazing how much people swear when using cam sites. When someone is constantly swearing on a cam site it can become tiresome and aggravating very quickly. Swearing too much will just end up annoying the person you’re chatting to and they’ll end up ignoring you or banning you. The occasional swear word in context can be quite funny or add meaning to what you’re trying to say, however, the overuse of swear words will get you nowhere.

Racial Slurs

Racial slurs are never acceptable when chatting in a cam site and should be avoided at all times. Even if you are saying a racial slur in jest or as a joke, the person you’re aiming it at may not find it so funny and become quickly offended. It is worth bearing in mind that even if you think a racial slur is non-offensive when you say it, others may not feel that way. Avoiding the use of any kind of stereotyping is certainly advised and can help you avoid any awkward situations.


Girls on cam sites get called ‘whore’ and/or ‘slut’ surprisingly often. Due to the nature of their job, many men feel they have a right to refer to the girls in these derogatory ways and will call the girls these names without hesitation. However, many girls will tell you that these are the worst names they could be called and they cause the most offense. The same applies to girls on random cam sites who will get called these names for no other reason than they are wearing a short skirt. Avoiding the use of these words is a basic show of respect to the person you’re chatting to.


The use of these words can kill an interesting chat on cam sites in an instant. Using these words basically shows you have little or no interest in the conversation and shows a huge lack of imagination. People often use these words when listening to someone else to show they’re paying attention, however, a word such as ‘okay’ or ‘great’ can also display your interest in the story. Even better, ask questions during the story to display your interest. ‘Hmm’ and ‘Mmm’ literally have no meaning and are among the worst words to use when chatting on cam sites. If you want to end a conversation in a matter of seconds then use these words!

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